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Because I’ve been here for 3 years as of today, I want to do something special for you wonderful people <3

So I will be doing compliments!!  This will be available for 24 hours and I will do the compliments soon after :)

The only rules are:

  • Must be following this happy girl :3
  • Reblogs only, like to bookmark
  • First 30 (if it even gets that high lol)

Go go go my lovelies!!

—Blacklist compliments for ts to ignore—

Gah! Tumblrversaries are so exciting! Congrats!

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I want a story about a girl who has a talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and coincidentally is constantly getting saved by this one superhero. In fact, he saves her so much that everyone just kinda assumes that she must be his girlfriend  and the villains catch on to this so they keep kidnapping her for ransom and the hero keeps dutifully showing up to save her every single time. No one believes her when she swears she hasn’t a clue who his alter-ego is  and eventually they just kinda fall into a routine of “Thanks again.” “Sure, oh, by the way, I’ve got a thing with my real girlfriend on Saturday so… can you try to… not get kidnapped?” “I’ll do my best!” “Great, thanks, I’m sure I’ll see you later.”


I am so strange I sometimes have to pause and wonder WHY ON EARTH ARE PEOPLE FRIENDS WITH ME.


But seriously guys, I ship Olicity with the fervor of a thousand burning suns.

Why yes, I did binge watch the first season of Arrow in 3 days. What’s it to ya?


Get to know me meme

Favourite Female Character [2/5]: Liesel Meminger, The Book Thief

"My name is Liesel Meminger. I don’t have a family. Or even a place to call home. I never understood the meaning of the word Hope. But I’m about to meet the people who will change all that."

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Still so cute it hurts

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It’s weird to interview someone applying for your current job. Basically I’m judging whether or not they’d be good at being me.



(the most important bits of the episode)

Look at Emma’s face. She’s trying to play it off like it’s a joke and that she can just charm her way out of it like she normally does and Alex just cuts right through it. Her face falls and she’s hurt. Hurt that he’s not smiling, hurt that he’s not joking around with her and telling her she did a good job. Because he can barely stand to look at her in this moment. The one person she knew she could always count on can’t find room in his heart to forgive her for this. Because his heart is so full with love for her that he can’t stand that she’s become this person because of Frank.

It’s heart crushing.

  • me: ngl i cried during emma approved today
  • friend: …they're five minute videos of people talking to a camera…