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"Life isalways better with unique punctuation attached."

  1. attheranch answered: family
  2. quixoticandbarefoot answered: Educated
  3. opalsinearrings answered: awkward.
  4. impossiblelittleclara answered: Wonderfulness…but I’m completely biased.
  5. apilgrimavoyager answered: tradition (this is mainly because for all the people I know who are home schooled, this was basically the reason)
  6. adimlylitmirror answered: Hahahahaha! (No, seriously, I saw the word and I instantly laughed inside my head.)
  7. thenerdyknitter answered: sheltered
  8. manycurrentssmallpuddle answered: Awesome. No, seriously. Because I *was* homeschooled, so I know how beyond amazing it truly is. :-D
  9. themaebee answered: Lydia. But without knowing you, awkward.
  10. tothelibrary answered: socially awkward and super Christian. (I know, I know, but it’s hard to keep the stereotype at bay)
  11. flyingclub-cup answered: Multifaceted!
  12. jennink said: I also have a particular image to go with that, if you want anything longer at some point. :)
  13. jennink answered: denim skirts (which is two words but it’s a noun and an adjective together)
  14. dreamsandfanciesinmyheart answered: Awesome… (but I’m a leetle biased.)
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